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Hybrid Card Dispenser

  • Compact Card Dispenser

    Compact Card Dispenser

    We engaged in R&D ,manufacturing and marketing of Motor drive RF card dispenser .
    RF card dispensers are widely used in Card parking system and Card issuing machine etc .
    The excellent service will be given to you
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  • Motorised Card Issuing Machine

    Motorised Card Issuing Machine

    WBCM-7300 series are the multi functional card dispensers with IC card reader/writer and RF card reader/writer. It can dispense the cards, receive the cards and capture the cards. 1.Model specification 2. Application ◆ Card parking system ◆ Card issuing machine ◆ Card vending...Read More
  • Magnetic and IC Card Dispenser

    Magnetic and IC Card Dispenser

    WBCM-7300 is multi-functional card dispenser with magnetic card reader ,IC card reader/writer ,and RF card reader/writer .
    We have specialized R&D,manufacturing and marketing of card dispensers for many years .
    Looking for long-term business partner .
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Feel free to get ATM, POS two card dispenser with low price here. As one of professional two card dispenser manufacturers in China, we're always at your service. Welcome to contact us.