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Motorised Card Issuing Machine

Motorised Card Issuing Machine

WBCM-7300 series are the multi functional card dispensers with IC card reader/writer and RF card reader/writer. It can dispense the cards, receive the cards and capture the cards. 1.Model specification 2. Application ◆ Card parking system ◆ Card issuing machine ◆ Card vending system for high-way...

WBCM-7300 series are the multi functional card dispensers with IC card reader/writer and RF card reader/writer. It can dispense the cards, receive the cards and capture the cards.

1.Model specification





RF&IC R/W,180pcs of 0.76mm cards,with retracted card box ,with bezel


RF  R/W,180pcs of 0.76mm cards,with retracted card box ,with bezel

WBCM7300 card stacker 320

Long card stacker 500 pcs

WBCM7300 card stacker 120

Short card stacker 300 pcs 

2. Application

 Card parking system

 Card issuing machine

 Card vending system for high-way

 Self-service access control system for hotels

 Batch cards initializing system



    ◆Card empty or pre -empty detecting functionThe alerting capacity can be set

           ◆High strength plastic material issuing structure

◆Card thickness can be adjusted

◆Error card bin to collect the rejected cards

◆Multi card parking positions are set to meet the various requirements

                ◆SIM card module function on the main board for options


Empty alert settings

The stacker empty alert device is to check the cards capacity in the stacker by the control valve, and then the host can get the status by checking the sensor here. (Details please check the WBCM-7300 communication protocol)

By this device the host can get to know the lack of cards status and inform the user to refill the cards. The settings are as below:

a. Turn the control valve anticlockwise to loose it.

b. After loosing the device can be move to the required position.

            Turn the control valve clockwise to tight it.

  The adjustment range

The card capacity can be adjusted from 25-75pcs ±2pcs (0.76mm standard cards)

Default setting is 25pcs

           5.USAGE NOTICE


◆ When make the connection, first to connect the communication interface, and then connect the power supply cable, at last power on.

When power off, first disconnect the power supply cable and then the communication interface.

Prohibit to connect or disconnect the connections when power on.

Prohibit to use the serious curved cards.

Prohibit to turn the thickness adjustment nut randomly. When to make the adjustment please refer to 5. THICKNESS ADJUSTMENT.

Do not run the machine when the card thickness setting is not fit for the real card thickness. Only run it after the correct adjustment.

When the power is off in sudden, the card in the passage can be pull out by turning the belts. 

 Pay attention to the card directions:

   RF Cards  all directions is ok.

   IC Cards  Inserting from front, chip upward and forward; In the stacker, Chip upward and backward. Refer to the pictures below. 


The power LED is off

   Check the power supply connection to see whether it is working functionally.

The card can not be feed from front

   Check whether there is any card in the passage; Check whether the motor is connected correctly; Check whether the IC card position is reset; Check all the sensors status.

Can not dispense the cards

   Check whether the motor is connected correctly; Check the status of Sensor 11 & 12.

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