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Casino Membership Magnetic Card Reader

WBM-1370 is the Half Insert Magnetic Stripe card reader that features compact design and easy installation. It functions reading single, dual or triple ISO magnetic tracks.



  1. What is the card type for this card reader ?

    - It is ISO7811/ISO7812 ,but this magnetic card reader only read 60% data from cards .

  2. can you provide USB for this one ?

    - we only provide TTL & RS232 for options ,if you need USB ,add  USB to RS232 convertor .

  3. What's the size for this one ?

    -The size is 77mm*60mm*15.6mm you have any other colour ?

-- Colour is the only choice .

   5. Does this magnetic card reader support Visa ?

— This one is half insert type .If the visa is full card data .I'm afrid that would be error when reading .

6.Is it used in Gaming machine ?

- Yes ,it is widely used in  gaming machine ,slot machine ,casino ,bingo machine etc .

7.How many times will be used for magnetic head ?

-The head life is 500000 times 

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