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IC And RF Card Reader Module WBSR-2000

WBSR-2000 card reader/writer is a kind of card reader /writer which can operate contact and contactless card

WBSR-200X series card reader is mainly composed by Main control board, buzzer, MUP C884 plastic card slot and so on, please refer to the following instructions.

IC and RF card reader module WBSR-2000

1.  Performance feature

WBSR-2000 card reader/writer is a kind of card reader /writer which can operate contact and contactless card, the main features as below:

1) It can read/write contact and contactless card, all kinds of cards need to comply with the relevant card standard, please refer to specific technical specification.

2) RS232 or USB interface for options

3) Small size,reasonable design, easily disassemble and assemble.

4) Components life: more than 500,000 times.

5) Supporting with PSAM card extension. It complies with all kinds of applications for financial industry, electric power industry, communication industry, and transportation and so on.

2.   Hardware

1. A built-in Comport (RS232).

2. A built-in USB to Comport (USB to RS232).

3. A built-in PSAM card slot.

4. A reserved buzzer which can controlled off and on buzzer warning function via software.

5. it can set up baud rate through software.

Technical Parameter




Technical Parameter

Input voltage

DC 5.0±5% V (WBSR-1000 adopts PS/2 power supply, WBSR-1002 adopts USB power supply).

Input current

Static Current: < 50 mA      Peak current< 200 mA


RS-232 standard serial port/USB to Serial port

Card size

Width:53.9254.18 mmLength85.4785.90 mm

Thickness: 0.761mmfactory standard: 0.76mm


Micro Switch500,000times

IC card press device and IC card contact: 300,000 times

Error rate

IC card: read/write card 1,000times, error rate<1times (except dirty card error)

Notes: the above IC card is standard IC card.


> 100,000 hoursonly electronic components

Notes250 times/per day25 days/Per month300 hours/per month

Environment condition

Operation:-2050, 090 % RH ( Non-condensing )

Storage: -2580, 095 %  RH ( Non-condensing )


   After using card reader for a long time, IC contact will be covered with some dirty things and

will influence the card reader operation. Therefore, we should make a scheduled maintenance for its IC contact. The procedure as below:

1) Inserting clean card with alcohol and execute Auto-test for IC card, repeated  several times, take off the dirties on IC contact PIN.

2) Periodic maintenance: it is suggested that contact PIN should be cleaned  once when  reader works 20,000 times. (Card in and out counts once.)

5. Supportive documents and driver


1. WBSR-1000 DLL Specification.PDF


2. WBSR-1000 DLL.RAR


3. WBSR-1000 Communication Protocol.PDF

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