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IC/RFID Card Reader

Product Features:
•IC/RF card read /write
•Special buffle design for protecting reader from foreign object
•Small dimensions,easy maintenance
•PSAM options

IC/RF card reader

1.Product Features:

•IC/RF card read /write

•Special buffle design for protecting reader from foreign object

•Small dimensions,easy maintenance

•PSAM options

•Customization services



Technical Parameter

Voltage input

DC 5.0±5% V /USB power supply

Current consumption

Static current: < 50 mA

Peak current  < 200 mA



RS-232 standard serial port/USB 2.0 interface

Card Specification

Width:53.9254.18 mmLength85.4785.90 mm

Thickness: 0.761mmEx-work standard 0.76mm

Life time

Micro Switch:500,000times

IC card down force device and IC contact :300,000times

Error rate

IC card: read/write card 1000 times, error rate1times(except dirty card causes error)


100,000hours (only electronic components)

Note: 250times/each day,25days/each month,300hours/each month.

Environmental condition

Operation:-2050, 090 % RH (Non-condensing).

Storage: -2580, 095 % RH (Non-condensing).


A. Vibration: Frequency range: 550Hz;

accelerated speed: 2m/s20.2g,   

Vibration direction and time: toward to X,Y,Z. each direction for 15 mins. Amplitude: 2mm; all of functions don’t be influenced after vibration.

B. Shock: 294m/s230g11msonce for each direction X,Y,Z. all of functions don’t be influenced after shock.(without package of card reader).

Online download

Support ISP online download.

Net Weight

Approx: 0.2 Kg (without accessories)

ROHS standard

Comply with ROHS standard.

IC card standard

Comply with ISO7816 standard,Eg:( AT24C0124C0224C256SLE4442SLE4428CPU T=0/T=1).

RF card standard

Comply with ISO1443-3/-4 standard with frequency of 13.56MHz contactless IC card (TYPE A, TYPE B, CPU card);Mifare 1K series S50/S70/UL card read/write.


There will be something dirty on IC card contact which will influence IC card reading and writing after using for a while. Therefore, we must make a certain maintenance for card reader. the specific procedure as below:

1) Using cleaning card to clean dirty things on IC contact.

2) Periodical maintenance:  it needs to clean maintenance once when card in and out 20,000 times. (count once when card in and out.)

Contact maintenance: it will cause IC card and contact touch error when there is dirty things on contact. It should clean the contact pin, the main method is that we use cleaning card with alcohol to clean card reader, make auto test IC card operation.

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