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Automatic Teller Machine
Jul 17, 2018


Automated teller machine, also known as ATM, is the abbreviation of Automatic Teller Machine, which means automatic teller machine, because most of it is used for withdrawal, also known as automatic teller machine. It is a highly sophisticated mechatronic device that uses a magnetic code card or smart card to implement self-service for financial transactions, replacing the work of bank counter personnel. Cash withdrawal, check deposit balance, fund transfer between accounts, balance inquiry, etc.; cash deposit (real-time account), check deposit (domestic no), passbook replacement, intermediate business, etc. Cardholders can use credit cards or savings cards to process automatic withdrawals, check balances, transfers, cash deposits, passbooks, purchase funds, change passwords, and pay for mobile phone bills.

ATM machine tips

To minimize potential risks when trading with an ATM, follow these tips:

Prepare the required items before arriving at the ATM machine - don't spend too much time sorting out the wallet or exposing the cash presented after the withdrawal.

Be careful when entering the password.

Look for ATM machines that are located in a bright location.

When using the drive-in ATM, lock the door and keep the engine running.

If someone is lurking around or if someone next to you is suspicious, look for another ATM.

Avoid using an ATM machine with a card reader (a device that can be read on the cash dispenser and read the information in the card). Check the ATM machine carefully for any suspicious objects.

When using the envelope deposit method, record each step of the transaction process to your checkbook. If you use a more advanced cash machine with scanning capabilities, use this feature to check and verify the correct amount of the scan. As with other important transactions, the receipt of the cash dispenser is also retained. If you use a more advanced cash machine, it is best to print the scanned check to the receipt.

Regardless of the type of ATM you use, your financial planner will always remind you to check your bank statement or check your online bills frequently. The purpose of checking the bill is to verify the accuracy of each transaction amount. If you find an error, please contact the bank in time. If an error is found on the statement, the receipt will be evidence to support the complaint. To provide the receipt to the bank, be sure to make a copy of the receipt as a personal record.

Of course, there are some alternatives that are not mentioned here. Perhaps the most important thing is to discuss with the employee the possibility of depositing the salary directly into the direct deposit. This will ensure that regular paychecks are automatically deposited into the bank account. Will receive the pay stub as a personal deposit record, thus eliminating the need to personally go to the bank or ATM machine deposits

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