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Card dispenser
Jan 18, 2018

The main function of  card dispenser  is to initialize the card in the access control system, registration, cancellation used, ID card issuer only play the role of card reader, this time can be read instead of head. IC card system, some need to write the role of the card, this time can not be replaced by a reader, can only use the IC card reader. RFID card issuer is to cooperate with users in the background or the management center for card management, and production of UHF band UHF desktop reader device.

Product Features:

Anti-collision, can handle multiple cards at the same time.

Has a complete read and write card operation function.

Provide a complete dynamic library for easy secondary development, can be widely used in book lending, conference attendance, computer room charges, highway fees and other occasions.

Application :

Logistics and warehousing management: the flow of goods and warehousing management and the flow of mail, parcels, luggage and other mobility management;

Intelligent Parking Management: Automated parking management and billing;

Production line management: identification of production process fixed point;

Product security testing: the use of tags within the memory write protection to authenticity of the product identification;

Anti-Weighing System: Weighing vehicles to be weighed information to identify vehicles, especially unattended weighing system;

Management of transport vehicles: bus station, parking management; Sand trucks, dump trucks and other vehicles to identify the number of vehicles such as management;

Other areas of management: such as conference attendance, club VIP, library, student enrollment, consumer management, attendance management, dining management, swimming pool management systems have been widely used.

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