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Card reader
Jan 05, 2018

Card Reader (Card Reader) is a kind of card reading device, as the card types, so the meaning of the reader covers a wide range.

According to the different types of cards, it can be divided into IC card reader, including contactless IC card, follow the ISO7816 interface standard; non-contact IC card reader, follow the ISO14443 interface standard, long-range card reader, follow the ETC GB GB20851 interface standard.

Memory card interface is not uniform, the main types of CF card, SD card, MiniSD card, SM card, Memory Stick card.

RFID tag reader, called long-range card reader, such as ETC system, can read and write within 10m car IC card.

Memory cards are widely used in smart phones, cameras, broadly speaking, smart phones and cameras have also become card readers. According to the type of memory card is divided into CF card reader, SM card reader, PCMICA card reader and memory stick reader, as well as dual slot card reader can use two or more simultaneously Of the card; According to the type of port can be divided into serial port card reader, parallel port card reader, USB card reader.


Compared with other methods, the reader can get a higher reading speed, and the file access is not limited by the file type. The plug and play approach itself is much more convenient. [1] 


Internal card reader, in the Windows operating system, will be in the computer more than a lot of empty "removable disk" to increase the usual inconvenience. (At present, however, Windows Vista and Windows 7 have solved this problem by inserting the memory card to display its corresponding "removable disk", and removing the memory card its corresponding "removable disk" disappears). The external is less of this problem, but to take up a USB socket

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