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Card reader product use
Nov 14, 2017

Reader as the name implies This is a read data device, but not only can support data read also supports data write. The initial design ideas are mainly to make up for the digital camera data output defects. As the early USB interface is not popular, so the digital camera's output port is connected with the computer's serial port, the serial data transfer speed is very low, if the data is copied to the hard disk, it takes a lot of waiting time , So the card reader came into being. With the development of MP3, PDA and other digital products, a strong impetus to the development of card reader. MP3 standard 256M or 512M flash memory obviously can not meet our needs, so the purchase of 1G or higher flash memory has become our standard configuration, but if we want to MP3 songs copied to flash memory, only through MP3 playback This time, we need a dedicated connection, drivers and software to complete, so that MP3 players can be much worse portability, but if this time we use a card reader, completely do not need MP3 playback The intervention of the device, MP3 songs can be stored directly to the flash memory, so that MP3 becomes more convenient to use.

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