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Jul 02, 2018


GDI is the abbreviation of Graphics Device Interface, meaning the graphical device interface. Its main task is to exchange information between the system and the drawing program, and to process the graphic output of all Windows programs.

Under the Windows operating system, most applications with graphical interfaces are inseparable from GDI. We can use GDI to provide convenient functions for outputting graphics and text on screens, printers and other output devices.


1. Do not allow the program to directly access the physical display hardware and indirectly access the display hardware through an abstract interface called the "Device Environment";

2. When the program needs to communicate with the display hardware (display, printer, etc.), it must first obtain the device environment associated with the specific window;

3. Users do not need to care about the specific physical device type;

4. The data structure of the Windows reference device environment completes the output of the data.

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