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How to install smart card reader
Jan 12, 2018

How to install  smart card reader 


1, Need to pay attention to the reader device frequency range, to see whether it meets the project to use the frequency specifications;


2, to understand the maximum transmit power of the reader and supporting the selection of the antenna is excessive radiation;


3, read reader with the number of antenna ports, depending on the application needs more interface reader;


4, the communication interface to meet the needs of the project;


5, to understand reading and anti-collision indicators, reading distance indicators to determine what the antenna and the label under test; anti-collision to determine what the label in what arrangement how long all the time to finish reading;


6, An RFID application system is not only related to the reader, but also related to the tag, antenna, the material of the tagged object, the speed of movement of the tagged object, the surrounding environment and the like, and it is better to simulate the scene before the device is determined for testing And verification, to ensure that the product is really able to meet the application needs;


7, Simulate the case of continuous testing equipment stability, to ensure long-term stability.

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