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IC card reader
Dec 27, 2017

Introduction :

     IC card reader used to read and write IC card, non-contact IC card reader is easy to use M1 card reader, read and write

       Mifare S50 card, S70 card, using the core technology of the D8, through the RS232 serial port or USB port to achieve with the PC and related equipment, USB using drive-free technology. Has a more simple, stable and low-cost features. Randomly provide a variety of platform driver development kit, the accompanying demonstration program can operate all the features of the RF card, and with automatic card operation

       D3 IC card reader is to develop IC card related products and system integration front-end processing equipment, its rich and complete interface functions, can be easily used in business, telecommunications, postal services, taxation, banking, insurance, health care, Conference attendance, Internet cafe management, gas stations, parking management and other deductions (such as parking fees) charges, stored value, inquiries and other smart card management applications.


*Fast and Accurate Positioning: The geographic distribution of the entire archives is stored on the mobile point inspection device. Geographic positioning of the archives to be inspected will be instructed for quick search and archiving.

*Easy inventory: The use of RFID inspection equipment can quickly complete the inventory of the file, check the wrong, shelves and other work, while greatly reducing the workload of librarians can improve file management efficiency, reduce the error rate when filing.

*Accurate record of archival information: file by the hand, borrower, lending, filing time are automatically registered to complete the system to prevent manual errors while ensuring the accuracy of the original data management information system files and can provide real-time file status querying , Report print.

*File Libraries File Expenses and Archives Registration Management: File Management Is a Complex Job with Few Profile Managers, Many People Find a File, Use RFID Technology to Modernize and Automate File Management and Increase Work Efficiency while Reducing the File Manager's Labor Intensity, to help librarians to achieve automated batch file lending, archiving registration

*File RFID tags to save information easily change: Electronic tags access data capacity, and the storage of information freely, as the file attributes such as information management to provide convenience.

Security: Archives management personnel to log in through ID authentication RFID file management system, before the file can be lent, archive operations, the file for the illegal takeaway, the system will alarm. Label information can also be encrypted

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