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Jul 16, 2018


Hotel security management system, Internet cafe real-name system, real-name system of telecommunications industry, other industries: bank securities real name system, entry and exit management, hotel management system, visitor management system, special industry security management system, medical real name system.

Security System: Identity System

Banking System: Identification System

Traffic management: urban traffic card, road and bridge charging IC card system, highway IC card management system

Consumer system: card, access control, attendance, consumption

Education: campus card, student ID, library, computer room management, canteen consumption

Public security: ID card application, household registration registration, foreign population management, courts, etc.

Civil administration: notary public institutions, employment, employment, military registration, etc.

Civil aviation: ticket purchase, boarding, security, etc.

Banks: account opening, credit, credit card transactions, large withdrawals, etc.

Hotel Internet cafe: accommodation Internet cafes registration and so on.

Post Office: Receive mail remittances, etc.

Securities: stocks, futures trading, etc.

Telecommunications: Telephone handsets and various communication services.

Enterprises and institutions: industrial and commercial tax registration recruitment, salary card account opening, etc.

Educational examination: identification of various types of examinations at all levels.

Others: pawnshop leasing business waste purchase industry and so on.

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