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May 29, 2018

        ISO15693 is an international standard for radio frequency identification applications. It defines the air interface and data communication specifications for smart tags and readers operating at 13.56 Mhz.

Channel interface

1.1 Operating Frequency The operating frequency range is 13.56MHz±7KHz

1.2 Working magnetic field Minimum working field 0.15A/m, maximum 5A/m

1.3 Modulation

1.3.1 VCD to VICC

Supports two amplitude modulation methods 100% ASK and 10% ASK

1.3.2 VICC to VCD

The subcarrier modulation method is adopted to support the FSK dual-subcarrier debugging method and ASK single-subcarrier two modulation methods.

1.4 Data Encoding and Rate

1.4.1 VCD to VICC

That is, the reader-to-tag encoding uses pulse position modulation to support two encoding methods, namely 256-choice 1 mode and 4-choose 1 mode. The communication rate is 1.54KBIT/S when the 256-to-1 mode is selected, and the communication rate is 26.48kbits/s when the 4-to-1 mode is selected.

1.4.2 VICC to VCD

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