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Magnetic card
Dec 20, 2017

Magnetic stripe card is a liquid magnetic material or magnetic stripe for the information carrier, the liquid magnetic material coated on the card (such as passbook) or the width of about 6-14mm magnetic stripe on the card (such as the common CUP card) .

According to the ISO7811 / 2 standard, the first track can store 76 alphanumeric characters and is read-only after the first write; the second track can store 37 numeric characters, which is also read-only; the third Track can store 104 digital characters, is readable and writable, bank cards used to record book balance and other information. The position of the three tracks on the card is specified in the international standard ISO007811 / 5.

Magnetic stripe card generally used as a recognition card, you can write, save, rewrite the message content, characterized by strong reliability, record data density, low misreading rate, information input, read out fast. As the magnetic card's information read and write relatively simple and easy, easy to use, low cost, which has earlier gained development and access to a number of applications, such as finance, finance, telecommunications, communications, transportation, tourism, health care, education, hotels Wait.

Magnetic stripe card technology is the longest use of card storage data in the development process. There are basically two types of magnetic stripe cards commonly used: high magnetic (HICO) cards are coded at 2750 or 4000 Oersteds, and low magnetic (LOCO) cards are coded at 300 Oersteds.

Prior to the introduction of IC cards, from a worldwide perspective, the magnetic cards have been widely used due to their good technology popularization. However, compared with the later developed IC cards, magnetic cards have the following deficiencies: small information storage capacity, easy reading and faking of magnetic stripe , Poor confidentiality, which requires the support of a computer network or a central database.

 Material classification: pvc magnetic cards, metal magnetic cards.

Technical classification: One is a high magnetic (HICO) card, coded at 2750 or 4000 Oersteds, and the other is a low magnetic (LOCO) card, coded at 300 Oersteds.

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