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Magnetic card reader
Dec 26, 2017

Magnetic card reader is used for magnetic card information read equipment. Magnetic card reader / machine, magnetic card reader / card, magnetic card credit card machine / card, magnetic card brush

Card slot, magnetic card reader / machine, magnetic card check machine / name.

Different Types:

(1) From the body function points: a. Ordinary magnetic card reader: the body without the keyboard; b. Keypad reader: the body with a small keyboard, you can enter the password and so on.

(2) From the track of the read magnetic card: single 1 track magnetic card reader, single 2 track magnetic card reader, single 3 track magnetic card reader; 1 & 2 dual track magnetic card reader, 2 & 3 dual track magnetic card reader; Full three-track magnetic card reader.

(3) From the connection port with the computer or terminal points: keyboard port, serial port, USB (with imitation keyboard port with imitation serial port), etc.


Magnetic stripe card read and write are performed by the head, the head consists of three parts: soft magnetic core, coils, magnetic circuit gap. Soft magnetic core composition of the magnetic circuit, which consists of a soft magnetic material with low coercivity and high permeability. The function of the coil is to change the changing electromotive force in the coil into a changing magnetic flux or to change the changing magnetic flux in the coil into a changing electromotive force. The role of the magnetic circuit gap is the formation of magnetic flux leakage. [2] 

In order to write the data information to the magnetic card, the first coding such as FM, PM, MFM, F2F, etc., pass the encoded signal current to the write head, Write magnetic head and the magnetic close to the magnetic surface, write head and the magnetic card at a certain relative speed between the movement, the track is magnetized, the information is written to the magnetic track above. The actual operation is the track close to the magnetic circuit gap, and at a certain speed through the head, magnetic flux because the magnetic circuit at the gap between the larger magnetically magnetic magnetic circuit to form a magnetic flux, the track is magnetized , And through the remanence effect, the completion of the write data information. [2] 

Magnetic card data read is written reverse process is the magnetic signal on the track into electrical signals through binary coding into binary signals, and finally the binary signal into a source signal. Actually, the magnetic track is close to the magnetic circuit gap, and the magnetic track passes through the magnetic head at a certain speed, so that the magnetic flux of the magnetic head changes. According to the law of electromagnetic induction, the magnetic head coil generates the induced potential, that is, the magnetic signal on the magnetic track transforms into Electrical signals, the voltage across the head coil voltage signal is read through the binary decoder magnetic card information

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