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RFID reader standard
Nov 14, 2017

As a commercial technology, RFID also has its own standard. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) for its development of a series of standards. In addition, many developers also formed a coalition, developed its own technical standards, which is the EPC standard, it is also the most widely used as a standard. EPC divides RFID system into four levels, including physical layer, middle layer, network layer and application layer. Physical layer is the physical environment of the entire system structure, including tags, antennas, readers, sensors, instrumentation and other hardware devices. The middle layer is the middleware and application program interface of information acquisition. It is responsible for the simple preprocessing of the information in the tags collected by the card reader, and then transmitting the information to the data interface of the network layer or the application layer. Network layer is the data link between the system and the system, a variety of information on the interactive transfer. Application layer is EPC back-end software and enterprise applications. At the clear system level, the EPC standard also unifies the message format of the data and normalizes the output transmission process. In this way, the deployment of RFID system will become rigorous and orderly.

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