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Self-service card issuing machine
Aug 15, 2018


Self-service card issuing machine refers to a self-service device that can realize instant card issuance through user self-service operation (completely or partially). The self-service card issuing machine is a new type of self-service device. It mainly uses modern network technology, computer control technology and human-computer interaction technology to transfer the traditional counter card issuance service to the self-service device.



Similar to the ATM of the bank, the self-issuing card machine pre-stores the "base card" that does not load the banking function and customer information. These “kia cards”, like blank passbooks used by banks and blank documents, require complete security management. At the same time, in the instant card issuance service, the bank has important financial data and customer information transmitted between the self-service card issuing machine and the banking system to realize the security of information storage, and the security of the transmission process is also a necessary factor for the self-service card issuing machine.


The concept of self-service equipment is to minimize manual support on site, so the stability of the equipment is one of the necessary features of the self-service card issuing machine.


The user interface is simple and easy to operate, and the whole process is correspondingly fast, so that the user can complete the application and receive the card service in a short time is an important premise of whether the self-service card issuing machine can be widely used.

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