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Smart card reader features
Jan 10, 2018

    In addition to smart cards, the current use of more identification cards are: magnetic cards, bar code cards and convex cards. Braille card, bar code card storage of information single and can not be modified, there is no encryption, therefore, generally only used in some special occasions, such as simple information query, product identification, etc., relatively speaking, the flexibility of the card, confidentiality , The information capacity should be bigger, therefore the magnetic card application is more widespread, the magnetic card manufacture, the development and the related equipment quite complete, the technical specification is also quite mature, will make a comparison between the smart card and the magnetic card below, can realize the superiority of the smart card more.

    Anti-destructive and durability, the magnetic card is based on the magnetic stripe to store information on its surface, the magnetic stripe in the face of magnetic fields, static electricity, twisting, scratches and other circumstances, the information stored inside easily lost, despite the manufacturer There are many ways to improve its life, but the inherent defects are always difficult to completely rule out, in addition, the magnetic stripe of the information storage time less read and write, modify the inconvenient defects. The smart card is a silicon chip to store information, advanced silicon production process can guarantee the card diamagnetism, static electricity and a variety of ray capabilities, but also due to the small size of the silicon wafer, which has the protection of the epoxy layer, there are outside PCB board and substrate protection, therefore, anti-mechanical, chemical destructive ability. These are detailed in the ISO7816-1 regulations, and now the smart card has done very delicate and durable. The information is stored for more than 100 years, and it is easy to read and write, with over 100,000 reads and writes. Even if many factors are considered, a smart card can be used for at least 10 years.

    Storage capacity and flexibility, the maximum storage capacity of magnetic cards only a few hundred bytes, the general magnetic stripe only a few dozen bytes, the magnetic stripe can only act as a passive storage intermediary. The capacity of a smart card can be several thousand bytes (now 2M smart cards are available), and the storage area on the smart card can be divided into different levels of access, which facilitates the information processing and multi-use of one card.

    Encryption Due to the limited storage capacity of the magnetic card, but also static, that is, there is no internal control of the data content security or read and modify the contents of the control logic. Read technology is sequential and mechanical, so the general card encryption is poor, it is easy to be copied, that is, the financial sector with the magnetic card system, security is also very limited. Every year, the United States has suffered hundreds of millions of dollars in losses caused by counterfeit and illegal use of credit cards. Smart card system has strong encryption, first of all reflected in the chip structure and read mode, the smart card capacity is relatively large, and the memory read and write area can be arbitrarily selected, so more flexibility, even if the general memory Card, using a specific technology, but also have strong confidentiality. For the encrypted memory card, access to the storage area is controlled by a logic circuit, and only after various types of passwords are verified correctly can they be read and written. And password check the number of times, more than the required number of cards will be locked. CPU card encryption is higher, in addition to password control, but also with information processing capabilities to further improve the system's encryption. Encryption of smart cards is also reflected in the system design. Since smart cards are digital circuits that can be carried around, various hardware encryption methods of digital circuits can be used to improve system encryption. In addition, the software design, you can use a variety of encryption algorithms, greatly enhancing the security of the system. The cost of related equipment.

    Magnetic card reading and writing equipment contains precision machinery and signal conversion devices, so the cost is high, a simple reader device priced at a few hundred dollars, and a bit more complex reader and writer devices to sell a few thousand dollars, and reliability In addition, due to the poor encryption of the magnetic card and the small storage capacity, some information can not be stored on the magnetic card. In this way, in order to improve the security of the magnetic card application system, the network design requires a high workload and the software workload is heavy. The smart card itself is a digital circuit. Therefore, the smart card read and write only need a card for the card on the line, a simple card seat only a dozen yuan, the premium deck as long as 100 or so, and long life, high reliability, basically do not have Therefore, the smart card can be used in some popular products with one card. In addition, the smart card encryption, capacity, a lot of information can be stored directly on the smart card, so the network system is less demanding, the system design and use are more convenient.

    Although the current cost of a single smart card is somewhat higher, the cost is not an obstacle in terms of cost performance, overall system cost, and the subsequent reduction in process costs.

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