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The application of the printer
Jun 21, 2018

Dot matrix printer

Needle-type printers have occupied an important position in the printer's history for a long period of time. From 9-pin to 24-pin, it can be said that the history of pin-type printers has continued throughout these decades. The reason why the dot matrix printer can be prolonged and popular for a long period of time is inseparable from its extremely low printing cost and good usability and the special purpose of document printing. Of course, its low print quality and high working noise are also the root of its inability to adapt to the high-quality, high-speed commercial printing needs, so now only in the few places where banks and supermarkets are used for ticket printing. You can see its trail.

Color inkjet printer

Color inkjet printers occupy the majority of mid-to-low-end markets because of their good printing results and lower price advantages. In addition, inkjet printers also have more flexible paper handling capabilities. In the choice of print media, inkjet printers also have certain advantages: they can print ordinary media such as envelopes and letter paper, and can also print a variety of film and photo papers. Special media such as CD covers, roll papers, and T-shirt transfer papers will be introduced as key points below.

laser printer

Laser printers are a new product of high-tech development. They are also expected to replace inkjet printers. They are divided into black and white and color. They provide us with higher quality, faster and lower cost printing. the way. The price of low-end monochrome laser printers has dropped to a few hundred dollars, which is acceptable to ordinary users. Its printing principle is to use a raster image processor to generate a bitmap of the page to be printed, and then convert it into an electrical signal and a series of pulses to the laser emitter. Under the control of this series of pulses, the laser is regularly release. At the same time, the reflected beam is sensitized by the receiving drum. A point is produced when the laser is fired, and the laser is blank when it is not emitting, so that a line of dots is printed on the receiver. Then the receiver rotates a short distance and repeats the above operation. As the paper passes over the drum, the colorant on the drum is transferred to the paper and printed as a bitmap of the page. Finally, when the paper passes through a pair of heated rollers, the colorant is heated and melted and fixed on the paper to complete the printing process. This entire process is accurate and efficient. Although the price of laser printers is much more expensive than inkjet printers, laser printers are much cheaper to print from a single page. The price of color laser printers is generally around 2,000 yuan.

Other printers

In addition to the above-mentioned three most common printers, there are several thermal printers and large format printers that are used in professional printers. The thermal transfer printer uses transparent dyes for printing. Its advantage lies in professional and high-quality image printing. It can print continuous-tone images that are close to photos, and is generally used for prepress and professional graphic output. Large-format printers, its printing principle and inkjet printers are basically the same, but the print width can generally reach 24 inches (61cm) or more. Its main purpose has been to focus on engineering and construction. However, with the improvement of ink durability and the increase of graphic resolution, large-format printers have also begun to be used more and more in advertisements, large-scale photography, art photography, and interior decoration. An important member of the family.

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