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The difference between magnetic cards and IC cards
Jun 14, 2018

Magnetic cards and IC cards are the two most commonly used card types in the current information society, and they are "regular customers" in our wallets. China's annual issuance volume has exceeded 200 million. What is the difference between the magnetic stripe card and the IC card? See Table 8 for comparison instructions.

 Magnetic stripe card and IC card contrast

Magnetic stripe cards

The core part of the magnetic stripe card is the magnetic stripe stuck on the card. The typical magnetic stripe card is the widely used bank card.

The biggest advantage of magnetic stripe cards is that they are easy to read and write, low in cost, and easy to promote.

The disadvantage is that it is easily worn out and interfered with by other magnetic fields. As a bank card, its safety is relatively poor. Many people in life have encountered the problem of magnetic stripe failure after multiple use, or being scratched by a hard object such as a key.

IC card

The IC card is to encapsulate the integrated circuit chip in a small copper piece and then insert it into a plastic card. The typical IC card is our social security card.

The information of the IC card is stored in the chip, which is not susceptible to interference and damage, and has high safety and long service life. On the other hand, the IC card has a large capacity of information, much higher than the magnetic stripe card, and it is easier to store personal data and information.

However, compared with magnetic stripe cards, IC cards have high costs and are not easily replaced after being damaged or lost.

The magnetic stripe card is a veteran of the card industry. It has the longest usage time and the largest number of uses. With the development of informatization and electronic technology, magnetic stripe cards have gradually faded out of the stage of history due to the disadvantages described above.

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