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Thermal paper
Jun 04, 2018


Thermal paper is also known as thermal fax paper, thermal recording paper, and thermal copy paper. In Taiwan, it is called thermal paper. Thermal paper is a kind of processed paper, and its manufacturing principle is to coat a layer of "heat-sensitive paint" (thermochromic layer) on high quality raw paper. Although there are dozens of chemicals used in this color-changing layer, there are at least the following compounds: leuco dyes. The dyes are widely used. The most commonly used are fluorescent compounds; the color-developing agent accounts for about 20% or less, and the common ones are double. Phenol, p-hydroxybenzoic acid; sensitizer accounts for less than 10%, which contains benzene sulfonic acid amide compounds; fillers account for about 50%, commonly used calcium carbonate (particles); adhesives account for about 10%, Such as polyvinyl acetate; stabilizers, such as dibenzoyl niobate; lubricants and so on. Therefore, the process is difficult and the technical requirements are high.


Thermal paper: as a communication carrier for text and graphics on a fax machine, ie as fax paper; as a recording material in medical and measurement systems, such as ECG drawings, thermal instrumentation recording papers, etc.; printing paper for Internet terminals; In terms of commercial activities, it is used to make trademarks, POS, and so on, of which the largest proportion is fax paper.

The manufacturing principle of thermal paper is to apply fine powder on plain paper base, the components are leuco dye phenols or other acidic substances, separated by film, under the heating conditions, the film melts, the powder mixes from the color reaction. The colored writing on the paper is unstable and easily faded, which makes the content of the file difficult to identify.

Commonly used lottery tickets use thermal paper.

Ordinary thermal paper is not suitable for long-term storage, but good thermal paper can be stored for 30 years or more.

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