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What is contactless IC card ?
May 18, 2018

contactless  IC card, also known as radio frequency card, consists of IC chip and sensing antenna, and is packaged in a standard PVC card. The chip and antenna do not have any exposed part. It is a new technology developed in the world in recent years. It successfully combines radio frequency identification technology with IC card technology, ending the problem of passive (no power in the card) and contactlessness. It is the field of electronic devices. A major breakthrough. The card is close to the surface of the reader at a certain distance (usually 5 to 10cm), and the data is read and written by radio waves.

working principle

The radio frequency reader sends a set of fixed frequency electromagnetic waves to the IC card. The card has an LC series resonant circuit. The frequency is the same as the frequency emitted by the reader. In this way, under the excitation of the electromagnetic wave, the LC resonant circuit resonates, thus making the capacitance. There is a charge inside; at the other end of the charge, there is a unidirectional conduction electronic pump that sends the charge in the capacitor to another capacitor for storage. When the accumulated charge reaches 2V, this capacitor can be used as a power source for other purposes. The circuit provides the operating voltage, transmits the data in the card or accepts data from the reader.

Principle of emission

contactless  IC cards and readers use radio waves to perform read and write operations. The communication frequency between the two is 13.56MHZ. The non-contact IC card itself is a passive card. When the reader reads and writes the card, the signal sent by the reader is composed of two parts: one is the power signal, and the signal is received by the card, and the signal is L/C generates a momentary energy to supply the chip. The other part is the command and data signals. The command chip completes reading, modifying, and storing data, and returns a signal to the reader to complete a read/write operation. The reader/writer is generally composed of a single-chip microcomputer, a dedicated intelligent module and an antenna, and is equipped with a communication interface with a PC, a printing port, an I/O port, etc. so as to be applied in different fields.

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