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what is Dot matrix printer
Jun 06, 2018

A stylus printer is a special type of printer, and there are great differences between inkjet printers and laser printers. However, this difference between stylus printers cannot be replaced by other types of printers. Because of this, stylus printers have always been Has its own unique market share, serving a number of special industry users.

The dot matrix printer uses 24 needles in the print head to strike the carbon paper to form a font. In use, the user can select multiple sheets according to the demand. The common multi-linked papers are 2-up, 3-up, and 4-up. Among them, there are also 6-up printer papers. The multi-linked paper can be printed at one time only when the dot-matrix printer can be completed quickly. Inkjet printers and laser printers cannot achieve multi-sheet printing.

Foundation - In 1964, the Olympic World Games was held in Tokyo. At the time, Epson, which was responsible for providing timing products, developed the Crystal Precision Chronograph 951 and the Print Chronograph. These two products not only sprung up at the time, but also brought a profound R&D foundation and opportunity for the company's transformation and diversification in the future. Development ---- The world's first mainstream pin printer for PC

In 1978, Epson released the needle printer (7-pin) TP-80, which received great acclaim. In 1980, the launch of the MP-80 (9-pin) also caused a sensation in the world. In the second year, the market share of MP-80 in Japan reached more than 60%, and it was highly evaluated in the US market, gradually becoming The world's first mainstream dot matrix printer for PC products.

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