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What is smart card reader?
Jan 11, 2018

what is smart card reader ?

Smart card reader, also called IC card reader, is a device for reading and writing smart cards. According to the type of reader, the smart card reader is divided into contact type, non-contact type and dual interface type reader.

Usually smart card reader through the communication line connected to the computer, the main communication to the USB interface, RS232 interface card reader still has a certain number of users.

Contact reader basically follow the ISO7816 international standards, contactless reader is to follow the ISO14443 interface standard.

There are two types of card readers that are relevant to industry applications. One is for reading and writing financial smart cards, which are in line with PBOC 2.0 related industry standards, and meet the standards of international organizations like EMV (Europay, MasterCard, VISA). The other is read-write highway smartcards, which include readers associated with smartcards (National Highway Billing Standard, GB 20851) on two-chip OBUs in the ETC, on toll lanes for the freeway (including unattended lanes) . Strictly speaking, the National Highway smart card reader, such as the Guangdong-card reader, is actually an electronic wallet deduction device (equivalent to POS machines), basically in line with national financial standards.

Smart card reader for reading and writing smart cards, contactless smart card reader is easy to use M1 card reader, read and write Mifare S50 card, S70 card, using the core technology of the D8, through the RS232 serial port or USB I realize the connection with the PC and related equipment, USB using no drive technology. Has a more simple, stable and low-cost features. Randomly provide a variety of platform driver development kit, the accompanying demonstration program can operate all the features of RF card with automatic card measurement operation D3 smart card reader is the development of smart card-related products and systems integration front-end processing equipment, Its rich and complete interface functions can be easily applied to all kinds of deductions (such as parking fees) for business administration, telecommunications, postal services, taxation, banking, insurance, medical treatment, conference attendance, Internet cafe management, gas stations and parking management. Charges, stored value, query and other smart card management applications.

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