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IC Card Reader To Use Common Problems
Nov 14, 2017

1 card chip face down problem

Card reader in the chip up or down the problem is based on the reader's model is different. Our RD-EB, card chip down; RD-ET, chip up; SRD- * products, card chip up.

2 automatic card problem

The automatic card measurement function in the RD demo program is for reference only. It is not the only standard for judging the card type. Because the character byte is read during card reading, the characteristic bytes of the card may be different from the card manufacturer Different, when the card is not accurate, please manually select the card model.

3 verify the password problem

Contact card reader in the verification password, if the previous verification of the correct password without power under the circumstances, regardless of any password, it is considered correct, only after the power to determine the correct password or not.