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IC Card Related Knowledge
Nov 14, 2017

In accordance with the form of embedded integrated circuit chips and chip types of IC cards can be broadly divided into:

→ non-encrypted memory card:

IC card chip is mainly EEPROM, with data storage capabilities, does not have data processing capabilities and hardware encryption.

→ Logically Encrypted Memory Card:

The encryption logic circuit is added on the basis of the non-encrypted memory card. The encryption logic circuit protects whether the data in the card is open to external access by checking the password, but only low-level security protection can not prevent the malicious attack.

→ CPU card:

Also called smart card, the integrated circuit in the card has a microprocessor CPU, a memory unit (including a random access memory RAM, a program memory ROM (FLASH), a user data memory EEPROM) and a chip operating system COS. Equipped with a COS CPU card is equivalent to a microcomputer, not only has data storage capabilities, while command processing and data security and other functions.