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TESLIN Biodegradable Substrate To Provide Users With A Green Choice
Nov 14, 2017

Environmentally friendly TESLIN (R) biodegradable substrates provide manufacturers and businesses with the convenience of meeting the growing "green" performance requirements. In addition to the durability, printability and inherent safety of standard Teslin products, the synthetic material is also safe to degrade.

In the ASTM D5511 test conducted by third-party laboratories, such substrates can decompose into products such as carbon dioxide and water when placed in anaerobic (anaerobic) environments in which polymers that attack polymers are present. Such test conditions are similar to most landfill environments.

"Based on this third-party test, PPG's customers can be confident that this type of Teslin substrate will only degrade when they deem it necessary."

Diane Kappas, Business Director for Synthetic Materials at TESLIN, said, "TESLIN biodegradable substrates also provide our customers the same durability, safety and printability they have come to expect from their line of products."