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Unmanned Store RFID Technology
Nov 14, 2017

Pre-identification (identity) mode

Pre-identification (identity) mode refers to the user when you open the smart cabinet or UAV door need to be identified before the product can be purchased. Such as Auchan introduced unmanned stores, first scan the two-dimensional code (identity authentication) before entering, that is a typical pre-identification (identity) application, if you can not complete the identification, the consumer can not make shopping! Are equipped with RFID tags and form the corresponding electronic bill).

ID (identity) mode

Free identity (identity) mode means that users do not need to be identified for product shopping. Generally, such unmanned stores will be equipped with an access control system. Consumers can enter the store directly through physical switches. After the consumers enter, access control locks up automatically. After the purchase is completed and the payment is successful, the door can be reopened. (The goods are equipped with RFID tags, and the formation of the corresponding electronic bill).